Do you want your own jewel?

Tell us your story

We want that our jewels tell your stories, jewels inspired by your life and your person. We want to create jewelry with soul jewelry with personality.

We adapt to you

Always been faithful to our style, we adapt to each person and each project because we wanty to cooperate with anyone who need us in order to create the perfect jewel.

Professional design

The perfect ergonomy, the best production techniques, and the perfect finishes are our priorities.

Exclusive & Unique

We want to create this treasure that will make you unique. Auleda is inspired in you, we design for you. Different jewels for unique people.

Auleda, much more than you imagine ...

Traditional process of custom and unique jewels
Jewelery design in 3d
Exclusive jewels
Custom made wedding bands

About Auleda

Auleda’s brand is inspired on you, is designed for you. We want to create jewelry with soul and personality, meaningful and special. We prioritize quality over quantity.

We specialize in customized jewels, that tell your stories, inspired on your life and your person, because we want to create different jewels for unique people.

We create our jewels with silver and gold, with the possibility of adding other metals and all kinds of stones. We like to investigate and discover new textures, shapes and create different and original designs.

The perfect ergonomy, the best production techniques, and the perfect finishes are our priorities.

We love our planet, for this reason we work with short runs and prioritize local commerce, we pack on paper and recycle our materials in order to minimize our impact.

That´s the reason why we are at Auleda, and this is how we want the jewelry comes into our lives.

Thank you for making this possible!

Custom, handmade and unique jewelry

We want to create different jewels for unique people

We like arouse feelings to the people who see our work for the first time. We are always faithful to our style, but we adapt to each person and each project, because our desire is create the perfect jewel for each of cases. We enjoy when the people perceive this difference in our work.

Create a custom made jewel for a perfect gift requires an emotional introspection; we help our customers to discover different perspectives, adding humor or tenderness to these special pieces it will become an amulet or a small treasure in his life and in the life of people who love.

This human side makes this project a reality and make it grow slowly.

We are aware that materials as well as tools used are not easy to reuse when its useful life is over. For this reason and also in order not to punish more our Planet, we follow a strict politic of recycling, optimization of resources and waste management in order to guarantee sustainability of our practises.

We enjoy our work! Every day is different and tasks are modified continually. We are a alive company, in order to bring to light all the good feelings we can. Therefore we wish to create this treasure that makes you unique.

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